Making Gold With Leatherworking in Cataclysm

Leatherworking is not often considered to be a gold making profession. No one says, ‘you should pick up Leatherworking so you can make more gold.’ Instead they usually say ‘you should pickup Mining or Herbalism and go out and farm for hours’. If you have or are considering leveling Leatherworking you should know that you can actually make a good amount of gold with it. You can make armor kits for all level characters, you can make extremely powerful leg enchants for level 85 characters and all of this you can do while making a consistent profit everyday without flying around Uldum or Twilight Highlands gathering herbs or minerals.

Armor Kits

Armor Kits are enchants that add stamina to either a head, chest, shoulder, leg or hand item. These are consumed and most often used by characters leveling up who don’t want to spend the extra gold to get the most optimum enchants on their gear. Tanks that are leveling will especially like armor kits. The problem is that there may be a lot of armor kits already posted for lower levels, since armor kits are often made to level Leatherworking.

The Savage and Heavy Savage Armor Kits are the most valuable of them all. They cost nothing more than Savage and Heavy Savage Leather, which you can buy at low prices in trade or off the auction house. You can craft these in large quantities and use an addon such as Auction Profit Master to automatically post these on the auction house for the next-best price while always ensuring a profit.

Leg Armor

There are all sorts of leg armors, the ones you want to focus on are the level 85 ones which include: Scorched, Twilight, Dragonscale and Charscale Leg Armor. The Scorched and Twilight are rare quality leg armors that are much cheaper to make, costing only Savage Leather and Volatile Fire or Water. These sell fast on the auction house but will still make you a good profit. The Dragonscale and Charscale Leg Armors are epic quality and cost a Pristine Hide, which can be a bit expensive, as well as Blackened Dragonscale or Volatile Fire. These epic quality enchants are the best available in the game so they will sell for whatever the cheapest price is for one. You can make a hundred or more gold profit on these if you get the materials at the right prices.

Leather and Mail Gear

There is also a ton of leather and mail gear available to make and sell on the auction house. There are 4 PvP sets: Bloodied Dragonscale, Leather, Scale and Wyrmhide. There are also Cloaks and some miscellaneous epic quality gear available to craft. The PvP gear sells the best, you can select a set that you think will sell on your auction house and craft 2-3 of each piece to post with Auction Profit Master. Set it up so that you don’t have to worry about reposting them manually everyday and let the addon do the rest.

The epic quality gear you can make, around level 500-525, requires Chaos Orbs, which are hard to come by. Since, at the time of this writing, you have to farm your own Chaos Orbs from heroics (this is likely to change), you should find a buyer for this gear before you craft it. You can really do some serious price gouging on this gear. You will need to visit Twilight Highlands and be level 84 before you can buy this gear.

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