Keep The Sea Plastic Free

Saving and Protecting Coastal Seas for Present and Future Generations since 2009.

The ocean is at the center of the most important food, energy and resource issues of our time. Marc Ford champions science-based solutions to tackle the largest ocean conservation challenges we face and collaborates with partners to strengthen the health of the ocean for future generations.

We mobilize citizen advocates to facilitate change, and we are committed to supporting efforts that benefit the people who depend on the ocean for food, jobs and recreation. Marc Ford shapes the political agenda for the ocean so sound decisions are made that sustain our planet and improve lives. Learn more about our work.


Why should we care about our oceans? It is quite simple: our very survival depends upon the survival of our Water Planet.

Our Oceans are the key to regulating climate change. Covering 70% of our planet, they transfer the most heat.

Sea life adaptation to climate change indicates how we will adapt on land We are interdependent.

The Ocean produces half of the air we breathe and 20% of the protein we eat. Marine nutrition is critical.

The Ocean holds numerous microbes, proteins and compounds that are used in life saving medicines.


Our goal is to help cut down the amount of plastic entering the ocean by 50% within a decade.”

– Marc Ford

Our mission is to uncover the secrets held within our Water Planet, use our knowledge to influence world policy that will help us protect our planet, and educate people so that they will care about our Water Planet and work to keep it alive and healthy for future generations.